HVLP500 Professional Spray Tanning System Dual Applicators HVLP

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HVLP500 Professional Spray Tanning System
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HVLP500 Professional Spray Tanning System

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or new to the spray tan industry, this is the perfect tanning system for you. The HVLP 500 Professional Spray Tan system is designed for convenience and ease of use. Its lightweight design allows for easy portability and storage. Lightweight spray guns provide users with hours of stress-free spraying. This will allow you to increase your daily sessions without straining your wrist and forearm. Each tanning machine comes with two holders to easily store spray guns when not in use.

The HVLP500 system is 120V 60hZ 700W.


  • 1x HVLP500 Turbine Pump Tanning System
  • 1x 8' Expandable Air Supply Hose
  • 2x Lightweight Spray Applicators
  • 1x Power Supply Cord
  • 1x Operational Manual


Important: Never operate the system without the air filter; dirt could be sucked in and interfere with the function of the system. Check air filter daily and change when soiled.

Be sure to read instruction manual thoroughly before operating system.


The HVLP500 Spray Tanning System comes with two lightweight and easy-to-use spray guns. The spray applicator guns are equipped with an adjustable air flow mechanism which allows for control over the tanning application process. These well designed tanning applicator guns are perfect for providing even and continuous coverage.


The HVLP500 is equipped with an air supply hose that expands up to 8 feet long. This feature allows for 360 degree movement around your client for continuous and even coverage. The HLVP500 air supply hose will provide you with the room you need to work and offer a more convenient work environment.