Salon Appliance Holder Desktop Hair Blow Dryer Stand Curling Flat Iron w/ Outlet

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Product ID: ACS-028E

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Desktop Appliance Holder
For Salon Use

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Product Description

Desktop Appliance Holder

For Salon Use

This Desktop Appliance holder is made with a contemporary black finish and features 1 large blower holder, and 3 round irons holder. It is made of high quality metal and capable of holding up to 5 hot irons and blow dryers as well as other various appliances. With its rubber bottom it won't slide off your desk! Also, with the electrical outlet mounted on the unit you will save even more space and time!


  • Wide Blower Holder: 2.5"
  • One Round Iron: 1.5"
  • Two Round Irons: 1"


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Saves space and time
  • Thick high quality metal
  • Tapers in toward the bottom for secure hold
  • Perfect for your salon
  • Electrical outlet mounted on the unit