SALON EDGE | 36 Watt UV Nail Lamp Gel Polish Dryer 220V

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Product ID: WEB-MAN-UV2009-WHT-220V

Quick Overview:

36W UV Manicure Lamp

36 Watt Professional UV curing lamp for fast acrylic Gel drying ...

36W UV Manicure Lamp

36 Watt Professional UV curing lamp for fast acrylic Gel drying - Excellent professional quality for the shop and light enough to take along with you. This unit uses 4 powerful UV bulbs and features a built in timer. Timer settings for this lamp include a 120 second timer as well as an infinite ON setting, where it will stay on as long it is plugged in, or until the switch is moved to the off position.

  • Effectively and quickly cured all UV and gel based products.
  • Reflective inside lining to ensure proper UNIFORM drying.
  • Fast curing of UV gels one hand at a time.
  • Built in timer with 2 minute setting for perfect time management.
  • INCLUDES 4 Bulbs to uniform curing/drying from top and sides.
  • Simple fuse replacement compartment with single turn access.
  • 220V-240V
  • Tray Dimensions: 5.5" (Length) x 5. 9" (Width)


Question: Do UV Nail lamps cause cancer? Are UV nail lamps Safe?

Answer: UV Nail lamps emit similar UVA rays as the sun. It is unlikely that moderate use should pose any long term health risks. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, "even the mostintense [UV lamps] presents only a moderate risk." (The Skin Cancer Foundation's Official Position on UV Light and Manicure Safety) It is always wise to be safe, however, and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen on your skin when using the device. You may also wear gloves specifically desgined for use during gel-based manicures like these Salon Edge UV Protective Gloves.

Question: What is the difference between UV lamps and LED lamps?

Both UV lamps and LED lamps can cure gel nail polishes. UV lamps typically require more time to cure the nail polish, but are much cheaper than comparible LED nail lamps which can cost up to 5 times more money.